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Upper Palatinate is one of the seven Bavarian administrative regions, in fact the smallest but one. Despite its modest size, between 2003 and 2013 the region achieved above-average economic growth and its GDP increase of 37.5% was the greatest in Bavaria. Counted among major local industries can be the manufacture of electrical accessories for machines and automobiles, complemented by metallurgy, stone processing and glass & earthenware making. Großraum Regensburg is a home to a good many world leading brandnames like BMW, Continental, Infineon, Siemens and Krones. The economic structure of the region relies on a sophisticated system of education and research comprising a university in Regensburg (a municipality), two technical colleges in Amberg-Weiden and Regensburg, the Cham Technology Campus specialized in mechanotronics plus Gesundheitscampus Bad Kötzting and Fraunhofer UMSICHT Institutsteil in Sulzbach-Rosenberg. Second only to Munich, Regensburg boasts the largest Bavarian biotechnological facility, ranking fifth within the whole Germany. Another significant indicator of economic prosperity is the performance of tourism sector. Upper Palatinate is rich in items of cultural heritage and landmark buildings that attract thousands of visitors every year. Optimal access and suitable links to the international road network are provided by three motorways and three arterial railway corridors running through the region north-to-south and east-to-west. Of the Bavarian regions, Upper Palatinate seems to have one of the brightest prospects, not least because it has joined the Danube - Vltava European Region wherein it cooperates not only with the other states of Austria but also with the Czech Republic. Whether you come privately or on business, Upper Palatinate will certainly be worth your trip!

Top political leaders:
Franz Löffler, state president & member of ERDV Presidium
Axel Bartelt, government president
Land area:
9,690 km²
Capital city:
Administrative arrangement:
7 administrative districts + 3 municipal districts
Official website: