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This province is located in the North-East of the country and borders onRussia. The capital city is  Harbin.

At present, there are in operation 5.464 km railways, 67.076 km roads  (thereof 958 km highways) and 5.057 km waterways (open ports are in the towns of Harbin, Jiamusi, HeiheandTongjiang). 5 civil airports are located here – Harbin, Qiqihar, Mudanjiang, Jiamusi andHeihe.

The stock of oil, graphite, sillimanite, basalt and marble is on the first place in the People´s Republic of China. The forests cover 43,6% area of the province. The area suitable for the forestry stretches on31,75 mil. ha, which represents 69,8% of the whole territory of the province. The province has also rich water sources.

The secondary sector contributes at most(54,9%) to the GDP creation. The province has very suitable conditions for the vegetable production(soya beans, wheat, maize, potatoes, rice, sugar beet, flax fibre) as well as livestock production (Songnen plain is among 3 largestsheep pastures in the world, moreover cattle and poultry are bred). The province becomes the largest base for the production of “green“ food in China.

The province is the main producer of energy, wood (1stplace), industrial facilities and chemical raw materials. The following sectors develop successfullyhere:mechanical engineering, metallurgy, electricity production, petrochemical industry, coal mining, wood-processing industry, production of constructional materials, pharmaceutical, food industry, light and textile industry.

Supported sectors for foreign investors:

  • Textile industry – flax processing;
  • Transformation of the agricultural soil to forests, protection of natural forests;
  • Development and use of irrigation technology;
  • Research, development and use of technology for coal processing;
  • Intensive graphite processing;
  • Production of Chinese traditional medicine –frozen, dry powder;
  • Production of electrical appliances, intelligent control systems and controlsystemsfor the electrical grid;
  • Construction and operation of the municipal facilities for the gas, heat, water supplies and sewerage;
  • Tourism – winter tourism;
  • Development of the passenger transport on the roads.
Top political leaders:
Wang Wentao, governor
Land area:
454,800 km²
Capital city: