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Donghai is located in Jiangsu [Ťiang-su]province (ca. 500 km from Šanghaj).  In the Donghai area, 1,2 mil. inhabitants are living and the area is approximately four times larger than Prague.

It is known as the Country of Crystalbecause of more than seventy percent of national reserves of high quality raw materials for the glass production. Approximately 80% of Chinese production of crystal comes from Donghai. The Chinese government tries to do a world glass centre from this area, which is evidenced by a recent record into the UNESCO World Heritage List and advantageous incentives for entrepreneurs

 On 28 October 2015, a permanent exposition of theBohemiaCrystalGlass was opened festively as a part of the Natural Crystal Museum in Donghai. On the area of approx.  400 m2, roughlyone hundred Czech glassmaker's products and information boards to the Czech crystal production are located. Opening the shops with glass and crystal in the close Donghai Crystal City is planned, where also the shops of the Czech glassmaking companies could be located.

Opening the permanent exposition of the BohemiaCrystal at the beginning of the 13thInternational Crystal Festival in Donghai was enabled by memorandum signed in October 2014 by CzechTrade agency with the government of Donghai district. The Natural Crystal Museum informs, on the area of four floors, about the history, mining and processing of natural crystal in Donghai,  one of the main centres where this mineral in China occurs.One complete floor was reserved for the Czech exposition with exhibited products of Moser,  Preciosa, Crystalite and Halama Glass companies.

Top political leaders:
ZhangQibing, Head of Donghai County
Land area:
1,984 km²
Administrative arrangement:
province: Jiangsu