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Situated on the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus, surrounded by forests and mountains, the Ismayilli region, drowning in greenery, is one of the most beautiful regions of Azerbaijan. The history of the Ismayilli district roots back to ancient Caucasian Albania 2nd century BC.In Ismayillia large number of ancient monuments of different periods are preserved. Here, on the top of the highest mountain, are the ruins of a medieval fortress whose construction is attributed to Javanshir, the 7th-century ruler of Caucasian Albania. The most famous and important historical monument in this area is the Maiden Tower (7th-12th centuries) – a defensive structure located on the top of a steep mountain near the village of Khanagah. Currently, besides Azerbaijanis, other ethnic groups also live together in peace and harmony.

Particular attention deserves the Lahic village, known since the VII century, located on the bank of River Girdimanchay at 1,200 meters above sea level. This village's coppersmithing traditions, as well as the art of producing colourfulkelaghayi headscarves practiced mainly in the village of Basqal nearby, are both included in the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The economic life of Ismayilli district mainly focused on food industries, handicrafts products, and wine production. There are several enterprises producing organic fruits and vegetables, different tastes of wines, and handmade of souvenirs. There have been found and obtained granite in the mountains near to İsmayıllı.

İsmayilli is also famous for carpet-weaving.The production enterprise of Lahij is functioning since 1966. This company has 103 employees and they produce 450–500 km² of carpet per year.

Moreover, the Ismayilli district is one of most favored touristic destinations of Azerbaijan. Annually, more than a hundred thousand tourists are visiting the historical and cultural places of Ismayilli.

Top political leaders:
Nahir Bagirov, Head of Executive Power
Land area:
2,074 km²
Capital city:
Official website: