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Upper Austria is a federal state on the north of the Republic of Austria with the capital city of Linz built on the mighty European river of Danube that runs through the northern part of the state from west to east. Boasting a well developed transportation infrastructure and taking advantage of its centralized geographic location next to Germany and the Czech Republic, Upper Austria is the most dynamic one of the Austrian regions, positioned as a highly competitive industrial leader and exporter. The high living standard and available leisure facilities make Upper Austria attractive equally for professionals and entrepreneurs. About one quarter of the Alpine republic's industrial production and export originates in Upper Austria. Businessmen, competence centers, universities and educational institutions render the region a powerhouse of economic innovation. Upper Austria offers also a wealth of experiences. Rich cultural life and natural bounties supported by spa and leisure industry are not only enjoyed by locals but also greatly appreciated by holidaymakers.

Top political leaders:
Thomas Stelzer, state governor
Michael Strugl, state councilor & a member of ERDV Presidium
Land area:
11,981 km²
Capital city:
Administrative arrangement:
3 statutory cities; 15 districts
Official website: