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Who are you going to meet with at the seminar?

Who are you going to meet with at the seminar?



Regional trade - Development and the Most Important Impacts on the International Trade since 2013

  • European Funding Programmes “Interreg” - Thomas Bonn, Bavarian Ministry of Finance and Local Development
  • Cross-border E-commerce: EWTO Trade Model of Next Generation - Zhang Mingxing, Deputy General Manager/Henan Imported Materials Public Bonded Centre Group Co.,Ltd.
  • Train Leads Cooperation – introduction to Zhengzhou-Hamburg Freight Train - Kang Yan, Assistant General Manager of Zhengzhou International Hub Development and Construction Co.,Ltd    
  • Sergey Stupar, Commercial Counsellor of the Russian Federation in the Czech Republic
  • Investment potential of the Sverdlovsk region - Kiselev, director of the Corporation for the Development of the Middle Urals

Future Trends in Tourism

  • New Projects and New Opportunities - Jaromír Polášek, JCCR
  • Presentation of Tourist Areas of South Bohemia: Českobudějovicko - Hlubocko - David Šťastný
  • Data Analysis of Tourism - Soňa Machová, CzT
  • Unesco Within Reach – a project of development of a region as a tourism destination - Lenka Vargová, executive director of the Regional Organisation of Tourism-Košice RegionTurizmus, Košice Self-governing Region
  • Interaction between the Ural region and the South Bohemian Region - Cross-cutting measures in the sphere of tourism and culture of the Czech Republic and Sverdlovsk region - Michail Maltsev
  • Experience in Sharing Economy – Anna Šlechtová, REKOLA
  • Development of Tourism of the Lipno Lake Area, an example of good practice – Vojen Smíšek, Lipensko s.r.o.
  • Introduction to tourism of HeNan - Fu Jing, Director General of the Foreign Affairs Office of Henan Province

THURSDAY, MAY 24, 2018 

Value of Regional Aviatic Transportation

  • Property Disposition - Jaromír Novák, South Bohemian Region
  • Airport with Respect to Regional and Territorial Development, investment opportunities – Josef Knot, Jaromír Slíva, South Bohemian Region
  • Technical Information of the Airport České Budějovice - Ladislav Ondřich, Martina Vodičková, Airport Planá by České Budějovice  
  • Cargo Flight: Silk Road in the Air, Vission & Mission of Henan Province - Ms. Guo Yanhong, Deputy General Manager/Henan Civil Aviation Development & Investment Co. Ltd.

Value of Healthcare Tourism for Visitors from Industrial Regions 

  • Healing Power of South Bohemian Nature - Petr Petr, hospital “Nemocnice České Budějovice”
  • Balsamic silicas in forest air in Hrudkov / Vyšší Brod - Petr Petr, hospital "Nemocnice České Budějovice"
  • The air spa Hrudkov - Marcin Zdenek, hospital "Nemocnice České Budějovice”


International Cooperation and Mutual Regional Development Projects

  • Introduction Speech - Mr. Tomáš Cílek, director of RERA a.s.
  • RERA a.s. - Mr. Zdeněk Hanzal, project manager  
  • South Bohemian Region, Mr. Josef Knot, 1st Vice-governor for the regional development and investment
  • South Bohemian Chamber of Commerce Mr. Luděk Keist, director of the office of South Bohemian Chamber of Commerce (JHK)
  • Activities of South Bohemian Science and Technology Park including Participation in International Projects Mr. Fratišek Mlčák, director of Jihočeský vědeckotechnický park, a.s.
  • Cooperation of the Sverdlovsk Region with the Czech Republic and the South Bohemian Region - Mr. Oleg Aleksandrin, director of international cooperation & Mr. Sergej Kiselev, director of the Corporation for the Development of the Middle Urals
  • Euroregio Silva Nortica Mr. Pavel Hložek, executive director of association
  • Results of Mapping of Business Environment of the South Bohemian Region - Mrs. Radka Rajnochová, director of regional office of CzechInvest for South Bohemian Region, Investment and Business Development Agency CzechInvest
  • European Region Dunaj-Vltava (ERDV) - 5 years of trilateral cooperation within metropolitan space Mrs. Romana Sadravetz, head of ERDV common office & Mrs. Iveta Fryšová, head of Department of Regional Development of Vysočina Region, the ERDV presidential region in 2018
  • Projects of International Co-operation at the Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice Mr. Jan Gregor, head of the Department of Foreign Languages, Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice
  • International activities of the University of South BohemiaMrs. Věra Filipová & Mrs. Caroline Zoubek, Department of Foreign Affairs of the Rectorate of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
  • Creative Playgrounds – Development of Creative Industry in the Region, New Media – mapping and popularization of this area, development of local and international connectivity, support of art practice and general creativity - Mr. Marcel Lacko, cultural officer in Košice Self-governing region
  • RERA a.s.  - Mrs. Ilona Ledajaksová, project manager                                                       


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There is the largest dam reservoir Lipno, with 4,870 hectares in the South Bohemian Region.