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Who are you going to meet with at the seminar?

Who are you going to meet with at the seminar?



Regional trade - Development and the Most Important Impacts on the International Trade since 2013

  • European Funding Programmes “Interreg” - Thomas Bonn, Bavarian Ministry of Finance and Local Development
  • Cross-border E-commerce: EWTO Trade Model of Next Generation - Zhang Mingxing, Deputy General Manager/Henan Imported Materials Public Bonded Centre Group Co.,Ltd.
  • Train Leads Cooperation – introduction to Zhengzhou-Hamburg Freight Train - Kang Yan, Assistant General Manager of Zhengzhou International Hub Development and Construction Co.,Ltd    
  • Sergey Stupar, Commercial Counsellor of the Russian Federation in the Czech Republic
  • Investment potential of the Sverdlovsk region - Kiselev, director of the Corporation for the Development of the Middle Urals

Future Trends in Tourism

  • New Projects and New Opportunities - Jaromír Polášek, JCCR
  • Presentation of Tourist Areas of South Bohemia: Českobudějovicko - Hlubocko - David Šťastný
  • Data Analysis of Tourism - Soňa Machová, CzT
  • Unesco Within Reach – a project of development of a region as a tourism destination - Lenka Vargová, executive director of the Regional Organisation of Tourism-Košice RegionTurizmus, Košice Self-governing Region
  • Interaction between the Ural region and the South Bohemian Region - Cross-cutting measures in the sphere of tourism and culture of the Czech Republic and Sverdlovsk region - Michail Maltsev
  • Experience in Sharing Economy – Anna Šlechtová, REKOLA
  • Development of Tourism of the Lipno Lake Area, an example of good practice – Vojen Smíšek, Lipensko s.r.o.
  • Introduction to tourism of HeNan - Fu Jing, Director General of the Foreign Affairs Office of Henan Province

THURSDAY, MAY 24, 2018 

Value of Regional Aviatic Transportation

  • Property Disposition - Jaromír Novák, South Bohemian Region
  • Airport with Respect to Regional and Territorial Development, investment opportunities – Josef Knot, Jaromír Slíva, South Bohemian Region
  • Technical Information of the Airport České Budějovice - Ladislav Ondřich, Martina Vodičková, Airport Planá by České Budějovice  
  • Cargo Flight: Silk Road in the Air, Vission & Mission of Henan Province - Ms. Guo Yanhong, Deputy General Manager/Henan Civil Aviation Development & Investment Co. Ltd.

Value of Healthcare Tourism for Visitors from Industrial Regions 

  • Healing Power of South Bohemian Nature - Petr Petr, hospital “Nemocnice České Budějovice”
  • Balsamic silicas in forest air in Hrudkov / Vyšší Brod - Petr Petr, hospital "Nemocnice České Budějovice"
  • The air spa Hrudkov - Marcin Zdenek, hospital "Nemocnice České Budějovice”


International Cooperation and Mutual Regional Development Projects

  • Introduction Speech - Mr. Tomáš Cílek, director of RERA a.s.
  • RERA a.s. - Mr. Zdeněk Hanzal, project manager  
  • South Bohemian Region, Mr. Josef Knot, 1st Vice-governor for the regional development and investment
  • South Bohemian Chamber of Commerce Mr. Luděk Keist, director of the office of South Bohemian Chamber of Commerce (JHK)
  • Activities of South Bohemian Science and Technology Park including Participation in International Projects Mr. Fratišek Mlčák, director of Jihočeský vědeckotechnický park, a.s.
  • Cooperation of the Sverdlovsk Region with the Czech Republic and the South Bohemian Region - Mr. Oleg Aleksandrin, director of international cooperation & Mr. Sergej Kiselev, director of the Corporation for the Development of the Middle Urals
  • Euroregio Silva Nortica Mr. Pavel Hložek, executive director of association
  • Results of Mapping of Business Environment of the South Bohemian Region - Mrs. Radka Rajnochová, director of regional office of CzechInvest for South Bohemian Region, Investment and Business Development Agency CzechInvest
  • European Region Dunaj-Vltava (ERDV) - 5 years of trilateral cooperation within metropolitan space Mrs. Romana Sadravetz, head of ERDV common office & Mrs. Iveta Fryšová, head of Department of Regional Development of Vysočina Region, the ERDV presidential region in 2018
  • Projects of International Co-operation at the Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice Mr. Jan Gregor, head of the Department of Foreign Languages, Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice
  • International activities of the University of South BohemiaMrs. Věra Filipová & Mrs. Caroline Zoubek, Department of Foreign Affairs of the Rectorate of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
  • Creative Playgrounds – Development of Creative Industry in the Region, New Media – mapping and popularization of this area, development of local and international connectivity, support of art practice and general creativity - Mr. Marcel Lacko, cultural officer in Košice Self-governing region
  • RERA a.s.  - Mrs. Ilona Ledajaksová, project manager                                                       


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The richest aristocratic families were the Schwarzenbergs and Lichtensteins? The Central German Schwarzenberg family appeared here only in the second half of the 17th century, acquiring large estates mainly through inheritance and purchases throughout South Bohemia (Krumlov, Hluboká, Třeboň, Orlík).