Troms Fylke is an administrative territorial unit in the north of Norway. The local government is headquartered in Tromsø, a town known also as the "Paris of the North". The Region of Troms has been in existence since 1 January 1919, with a governor, Fylkesmann i Troms, in its administrative charge. Ranking among the most populous cities in Norway (7th), Tromsø is a hometown to the northernmost university - the Universitetet i Tromsø; to the northernmost botanical garden; and, allegedly, also to the globally northernmost brewery. Moreover, the city operates an important harbor serving the Arctic area. Tromsø is noted for its thick carpets of snow in wintertime, though the year-on-year snowfall figures may substantially differ. In 1927 the city witnessed the opening of Northern Lights Observatory. Tromsø's center boasts the largest gathering of historical wooden houses north of Trondheim. A tiny Polar Museum is devoted to the Tromsø's past and to the city's importance for organizing Arctic expeditions and discovering the Far North. The Troms area is mostly mountainous. Its central part is used to raise cattle, while the coast and the nearby islands are dedicated to fish farming. A major employer in the Troms Region is the Norwegian Army with a military base for the 6th Infantry Division and the greater part of Norwegian Air Force. The Troms Region was considered for the Winter Olympic Games 2018, potentially the third Winter Olympics in Norway, but reflecting the vast expected expenses and a weak support from the public, the country withdrew its application.

Top political leader: Bård Magne Pedersen, governor
Land area: 25,877 km2
No. of communities: 25
Capital city: Tromsø
Population: 163,453
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