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Dear friends,

I would like to send you many greetings at least in this form through our homepage in this not easy time. I with my colleagues were honoured and pleased and we were looking forward to welcome you in the South Bohemia to the 3rd year of the Forum of Partner Regions of the South Bohemian Region. We were pleased that we will speak together and will exchange our experience, enrich our mind and in the first place strengthen our mutual relationships and friendship in this year.

Unfortunately the force majeure intervened and the coronavirus crisis made this meeting impossible. At present, all of us resolve other issues important for our lives and there is not much time and space for the discussions about the topics which we considered as themes of key or principle importance  a short time ago. The world has been changing and we are changing as well, we are more humble and perceptive to our surroundings. I have to admit that I was nicely surprised by the wave of solidarity and aid having arisen after the pandemia outbreak among the inhabitants of the South Bohemia. The masks for needy people have been stitched, the volunteers go shopping for seniors, the distilleries and universities produce disinfection and protective aids. The people try to help each other and try to cope with this situation as good as possible. I know from the press that you have a similar situation in your country, country of our neighbours and friends. Simultaneously, the partner regions try to help one another also from a distance. I would like to thank in this way to our partners from Donghai for the gift, protective aids provided to us.

For this reason I believe that we master this crisis soon and we will be able to meet and to speak about topical issues,   how individual regions coped with this situation, what this situation brought them and what was foiled or revealed and how we see the future. I am persuaded that the cooperation between our regions remains very important all the time and the crisis we overcame together will make us stronger.     

We wish you good health, strength and energy and we are looking forward that we meet personally in the autumn!       

Ivana Stráská, Governor of the South Bohemian Region

The official partners of The Forum are:


We are honored that also the third Forum of partner regions of the South Bohemian Region 2020 is held under the Auspices of the President of the Czech republic Mr. Miloš Zeman.

The third Forum of partner regions of the South Bohemian Region 2020 is held under the Auspices of the prime minister of the Czech republic Mr. Andrej Babis.




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